Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sitton Peak review 2/6/2011

John and Danny at the summit of Sitton Peak 2/6/2011

Sitton Peak
Santa Ana Mountains
Elevation: 3273'
9.5 miles round trip
Gain/ Loss 2150'
Our time to summit: 2 hr 28 min
Total time: 4 hr 52 min

Today the Wolfpack consisted of  just John and Danny and we decided to seize the day and attempt the summit of Sitton Peak. The weather was perfect and the trail was empty probably because it was Super Bowl Sunday. After signing in at the trailhead, we started our ascent along a well maintain single file trail.  The trail is a bit steep for the first mile and really gets the blood pumping but it's nothing too crazy. The trail is a mix of shade and open space and could be pretty tough on a hot day. We saw a snake, the remains of an old plane crash, and a lot of horse poop. There's one short section that is flat but it's mostly a moderate ascent until you get near the summit. From there it's mostly bushwhacking it one step at a time.  After  about 2 1/2 hours, we were on the summit and the view was awesome. We could see downtown LA and even San Clemente Island some 70 miles away, totally worth the effort. Coming down can be a bit treacherous as I slipped twice and even broke my trusty walking stick, bummer. Good shoes with plenty of traction is a must as there are spots of small rocks and sandy boulders. Also, there is no water source along the trail so bring plenty. There is a hand pump water well at the parking lot for a nice splash at the end of the day.  I recommend this hike to anyone in reasonable physical shape.
PS, the trail is also dog friendly and does not allow mountain bikers.
Danny at summit

View looking towards Los Angeles
Summit marker at 3273'